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I'm what can only be described as a random insomniac. Occasionally- based on no stimulus that I can figure out - I just quit sleeping. I'll lie in bed all night, and just won't be able to go to sleep. I'll read a medical textbook, and THAT won't put me to sleep. I'll study, I'll watch TV, I'll read- and nothing will happen. I'm buzzed and energetic and productive.

The above has resulted in a grand total of eight or so hours of sleep in the last four days. I have a midterm today. From 7-9 pm. OH JOY.

I'm really not one of those people that goes around saying "OH I'M TIRED"- partly because I rarely get tired (I tend to move pretty fast, which means that tiredness doesn't really have time to set in), and partly because those people offend the logician in me. You're tired. Okay, cool. Would you like some coffee? There's a Tim Hortons over Caffiene pill? I have some in my bag... no? Okay, would you like to go home and sleep? No? Okay, stop complaining then. You lose.

This morning, I sat down to learn everything there is to know about Blood. Mainly because it's on my exam tonight.
About 20 minutes in, I was hit by this wave of exhaustion. The kind that can't be stopped with coffee or caffeine pills (oh shut up. One caffeine pill is the equivalent to a cup of coffee, and ever since I had mono and drank nothing BUT coffee for three months, coffee makes me nauseous. I'm a health science student, I live with a doctor, I know what I'm doing.) The kind where you need to go home and sleep for a hundred years.

I drank some water. It's waking me up a little.

Okay, Marnie. Erythropoitin. Go.

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I wish my exceedingly rare random bouts of insomnia left me buzzed and energetic and productive. instead i am just exhausted but unable to mentally shut down. IDGI.

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