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Dem Boys.
I realized today that I'm much more comfortable around guys than girls- that most of my close friends are guys, that the people I go to with my problems are guys, and that the people I hang out with are guys. Stark contrast to as little as two years ago, where I would go bright red in the face if a guy so much as looked at me.

I love the guys, I really do- and I'm definitely a huge tomboy at heart. That said, I miss having female friends. Most of mine seem to have either moved or discovered the joy of studying. It doesn't help that I find it much harder to bond with girls in the first place. I've got "cute shoes" and "how was the exam?" and I'm out. When I'm stuck in a new group, I gravitate towards the guys. My teaching course is two guys, two girls, and me. Guess whose names I know. 

I've also realized that I'm a pathological flirt. Actually, I didn't realize that. I've known for awhile, I'm just ashamed of it. I suppose it would be better if I wasn't very much in a relationship. 

I have to go and teach a passage mapping strategy now. 

PS. I do like cute shoes. 

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I'm always baffled by chicks who say that. Guys are so inane 90% of the time. Chicks are way easier to have casual conversation with. Being around guys just gets awkward...

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