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What you do when it hurts.
This morning:

Brian: Wanna go to Israel?
Marns: Yep. 
Brian: OK. (Books tickets). 

When I get really really sad, I can't get upset until I talk to someone calm. Once everyone around me is calm, I will cry about everything sad in the entire world.

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.............. i am confused about the contents of this post. are you sad because because he booked the tickets after assuming an "i'd like to go to israel someday" meant "I'd like to go to Israel within the next week," or WERE you sad and said booking of tickets made you happy. i am honestly confused.

also in case you are still wondering no i do not have that book gdit

Brian matched University of Alberta Neurosurgery - Edmonton. 6 years. I will be going to medical school in Montreal. 4 years.

He leaves in June.

The tickets are both of us trying to feel better and get excited about something.

ah i see i see. merf.

fyi next time reply to my comment and not your POST, as then i can actually see your reply in time for my response to still be chronologically relevant. or sth. i worded that strangely.

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