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How to get over CaRMS, Part I
I just quit my solid summer jobs. I had a high paying summer teaching job with Kaplan, and a job as a research associate (which normally requires a masters as qualification) with the lab I've been with for a few years. Now I have half a job, because the lab wants me to stay on part time for half the summer. 

I realize that this makes me an idiot. Most of my friends can't even get jobs, let alone good jobs that relate to their fields, require qualification and pay over 20 dollars an hour. 

Why did I quit? Because I want to run away on vacation for a chunk of the summer. Then I want to spend the rest of it following doctors around writing up clinical research for no pay. 

Actually, none of that pays. In fact, anywhere but Nelson costs me exorbitant amounts of money in rent. 

I've been worrying about affording higher education since I was 12. But you know what? I'm going to be a doctor. A fucking DOCTOR. When I enter medical school in September, I will promptly be awarded a free financial advisor and a 150K line of credit. I can afford a little debt. 

But I'm only going to be young once, right?

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this is my only 'vacation' related icon

it is not idiotic to want to run away on vacation. just be sure to actually ENJOY the vacation because then it really will have been idiotic. so yeah. FUUUUUUN. HAVE IT. :|

......................I didn't know you had an LJ again.

Why am I so out of the loop?

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