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wilsmd's Journal

30 March
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Voici l'histoire de la vie et les observations d'une etudiante.

A bureaucratic ninja, notorious distributor of murine cancer, doctor stalker, email enthusiast, aspiring trilingualist, pseudo-academic advisor, expert-en-demenagement, world champion wielder of the micropipette and med party crasher. Avec plusieres Nature Papers dans la tete.

Who wants to one day cure cancer. And needs to get into medical school. And spends too much time trying to achieve said goals. And is trying to enjoy the views along the way.
attempting to become yogese, being put on hold, buying produce, curing cancer, denial, eating on the roof, jacking internet, junk food, learning languages, lurking around hospitals, mason jars, meaningless hypothetical debate, nerdy road trips, nights out, not studying, occasional health kicks, random camping trips, random questions, reading, skiing, sleeping in, sushi nights, swimming, tire and tree 3707, violinning, writing applications at midnight