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 I just got H1N1'd. Not the virus, the vaccine. 

First of all, for God's sake, everyone, get the vaccine. People die from the flu- real people, people like us, not just the old and weak. People don't die from the vaccine, unless they're seriously allergic to eggs and go into anaphylactic shock. THE FLU IS DANGEROUS. THE VACCINE IS NOT. Are we clear here?

After the same kind of token, the flu is everywhere- the vaccine is not. I got it early because I'm a fake health care professional (ie I work in a lab that happens to be attached to a hospital via the world's most annoying door system.) Theoretically, a feverish, delirious H1N1 patient could come into my lab, decide that I'm a cat, and cough all over me. It could happen. But it still isn't available to civilians. This is stupid because a) it takes two weeks even to take effect and b) it is already EVERYWHERE. My brother's school has a 40% absentee rate right now, for God's sake. 

The real health care professionals, Brian included, got vaccinated last week. I was warned that I would probably have a very sore arm for a couple of days. True to form, I now cannot move my left shoulder. Joy. I love intramuscular injections. 


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